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MUTTASREEN (Indirect Victims Of Terrorism)

About this Promo:
The technique employed in the promo of the first episode clearly showed my thought behind the programme was fully aware of the pitfalls in achieving the complex goal of connecting the audience to the victims at an emotional level.

Promo started broadcasting a week before the first episode was screened on Sunday 14 March.

Promos featured black and white close-up shots of individuals who lost their relatives in terrorist attacks in Lahore. Instead of a background voice, each face in the promo was introduced with a subtitle carrying the name of the victim and the relationship they had with the person in the shot - an effective technique to transform the passive victims into real persons that viewers can relate to at an emotional level.

The text in red is a name of a person who died in an explosion, white text is the relation of a effected person with the person who lost his or her life in a blast.

About Program:
This is a Program which is basically driven out of terrorism and violence, this idea totally surrounded around people, or we might have connection with them as a Nation.
The basic idea is to show the real effects of the violence without showing violence for a greater effect, because people have become insensitive towards violence.
In this particular program we will deal with a person or group or a family who got directly effected and suffering from this very current wave of terrorism in Pakistan.

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