Technology Empowering U.S. Diplomacy and Development

A presentation by:
Amir Jahangir, CEO Mishal Pakistan

Mixed reality merges the real with the virtual, connecting people in new ways to unlock human potential, creativity and learning.

What are the implications of mixed reality on business and society?
Key Points:
• Mixed reality seeks to bring the wealth of information and interactivity of the Internet into interactions with the real world.
• One of the best examples of mixed reality at present is, which pushes location-based information to smart phones, from stores and history to Twitter posts and virtual monuments.
• Developers are also creating video games that can be played in the real world, in which players and other objects are displayed relative to real-life objects.
• Researchers are also exploring ways to transmit information that can be not only seen or heard, but also felt, tasted or smelled.
• Mixed reality could further enhance long-distance education and healthcare by increasing the kinds of sensory information that can be shared between people over the Internet.
Experiencing reality and expressing it through virtual experiences has always been one of the human desires to share what it feels or sees. From the early pre-historic times of paintings in the caves to the Hollywood's fascination with the future of virtual reality in the form of AVATAR or SURROGATE and the technological tools to share our everyday life via facebook, linkedin and myspace etc. It ultimately boils down to experiencing the virtual world with the most real experiences of our lives. Mixing the realities in the virtual and the real worlds together creates more interaction between societies' various facets.

The presentation by Amir Jahangir walks us through time on the mankind's fascination to combine the real life experiences with virtual sharing, this ultimately can be defined in a simple equation:
Reality + Virtuality = More Interactivities
• Social Interactions
• Economic Opportunities
• Political Empowerment
Mixed reality seeks to combine the things perceived in the real world with the things that are read or heard in the information world, i.e. the Internet, connecting the world of our imagination, our senses and even our intuition.

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