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Wrap Up Address - Speaker Bio

Bill Hall - Author of Changing the Game

Nobody knows how to profit in the investment markets and make money wagering on sports better than financial expert, author, and speaker, Bill Hall. Bill has experience as a key player on the main platform of all the biggest stages in the investment and financial planning industry. Wielding incredible expertise and hands-on experience on Wall Street, Bill has helped countless individuals and institutions navigate the complex global financial markets.

Bill specializes in simplifying investment solutions so they can be easily understood and implemented. He has the unique ability to indentify profitable opportunities across all markets using powerful mathematical principles and time-tested financial models.

Now, Bill has applied his financial market wisdom and expertise to the sports betting market in his book Changing the Game: How to Profit from your Passion for Sports.  Changing The Game’sinnovative Get In and Win System combines the same investment principles practiced successfully for decades on Wall Street with the cutting edge sports analytics the new generation of general managers and owners, such as the Oakland Athletic’s Billy Beane (the primary real life character in Moneyball) and Mark Cuban (the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks), are using to get an edge over their competition.

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