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TechCamp: Santiago problem definitions and videos

Among the outcomes of the Civil Society 2.0 TechCamp last month in Santiago, Chile, was a set of problems civil society groups offered up for possible technological solutions. These can be found HERE:

The optimal goal is for anyone, anywhere who can offer help with these problems to do so. Please have a look at these items and consider how best to meet these groups' needs. What tool(s) would solve the issues involved? What resources can we point the groups to so that they can better provide for their constituencies? What third parties might be able and willing to pitch in with their own brainpower or other support to move civil society forward?

The problem definitions are in both English and Spanish, but there are also videos in Spanish of the groups' representatives themselves describing their needs.

Please share this widely so we can all apply our cognitive surplus to aid these worthy organizations.

Spanish problem-definition videos are HERE.

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Comment by Bruce Bates on December 7, 2010 at 1:58pm
I was looking over some of the problems/possible solutions and honestly was curious if anyone has thought to try to extend an outreach to major US corporations to get involved with this? For example I was looking over one of the problem summaries on "Trusted Online Space for Citizens of Ciudad Juarez".

It would seem to me some of the larger us companies, maybe even some of the same types of companies that host open source projects, would be willing to help setup some cloud cluster hosting for such projects?

Comment by techATstate on December 7, 2010 at 2:38pm
Bruce, that's an excellent suggestion. We're working this on our end, but if you or anyone you know could push that idea with the business community, we're all ears. The need is there and the solution might even be expanded into other new products.

Thanks for thinking this through


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