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Tech@State: Wiki.Gov - Looking for Ignite Session Ideas

For our next event, Tech@State: Wiki.Gov, we're pleased to be part of Wikimania 2012, scheduled for July 12-13 in Washington, DC.  We'll host the Wikis and the Public Sector track of Wikimania and are planning sessions filled with discussions that
 center on how wikis and their associated technologies can be used:

  • In the federal government to collaborate internally, and share information across agencies;

  • At the local level to engage citizens and provide greater access to a variety of information; and
  • By research institutions and civil society organizations to improve collaboration.

We've got some great presentations lined up, but can use your help to fill out the agenda.  In addition to keynote addresses and panel discussions, we're planning to feature a series of Ignite sessions and are looking for recommendations and suggestions on how wiki technologies could be used to:

  • Increase collaboration in diverse environments;

  • Encourage greater citizen participation and engagement at all levels of government; or

  • Provide greater access to vital information to citizens around the world.

Have an idea?  Want to present an Ignite session?  Please post your ideas below for all to see.

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Comment by Nelson Jacoben on May 17, 2012 at 12:44pm

With the grown of Common Interest Communities CIC (condominiums, cooperatives, townhouse and single family homeowners associations) these "Last-Mile" of governance are having to deal with both internal issues as well as external ones like stormwater management, private roads, disaster recover and any other rules that the federal agencies and authorities enact without considering the implications to these communities. Against that backdrop the idea of establishing an interace between these CIC's and local, state and federal authorities  via a wiki is a win win and really needs to be done sooner then later since the majority of develop since the 80's in the USA has been in CIC's. 

Comment by techATstate on May 23, 2012 at 10:00am

Interesting idea.  Are you aware of wikis being used by CICs?  Know anyone who could do an Ignite session on it?


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