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Is MonmouthpediA the future of Wikipedia?


John CummingsMonmouthpediA

Fairfaxpedia and the Community Wiki

Frank Muraca - Fairfaxpedia

Frank Muraca is a sophomore at George Mason University, getting his B.S. in economics. In the summer of 2011, he interned for Charlottesville Tomorrow, a news non-profit that manages Cvillepedia, a community wiki for Charlottesville, Va. As a freshman, he created Fairfaxpedia as a way to learn more about the Fairfax community. Apart from exploring community issues, Frank writes for the school paper and blogs about policy and economics. 

Creating Neighborhood Wikis for New York City

Thomas Lowenhaupt and Richard, Inc.

The LocalWiki Project


Philip NeustromLocalWiki & Davis Wiki

Philip Neustrom is a hacker living in the San Francisco Bay area currently co-directing the LocalWiki effort.  He co-founded, the largest English-language local wiki, in 2004.  Prior to his work on LocalWiki he was involved in a variety of nonprofit efforts to engage everyday citizens.  He oversaw the development of the popular, the world's largest coordinated video documentation project, and was the lead developer at Citizen Engagement Laboratory, a nonprofit focused on empowering traditionally underrepresented constituencies.  In 2007 he lead the creation of the non-commercial hosting service.  He is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, with a bachelor’s in Mathematics.

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