Technology Empowering U.S. Diplomacy and Development

These are some of the great speakers that will be at the upcoming Tech@State : Open Source.

Macon Phillips

Macon PhillipsMacon Phillips is responsible for translating Obama’s promises of increased transparency and openness to the Internet. As the White House new media director, Phillips oversees the White House social media outreach and its web site, which uses open-source software. More

Todd Park

Todd ParkTodd Park is the Chief Technology Officer at the Department of Health and Human Services. In this role, he is responsible for helping HHS leadership harness the power of data, technology, and innovation to improve the health and welfare of the nation. More

Jeremy Allison

Jeremy Allison is a computer programmer famous for his contributions to the free software community, notably to Samba. During his career, Allison has consistently advocated for the free software approach. More

Chris DiBona

Chris DiBonaChris DiBona is the open source and public sector programs manager at Mountain View, Ca. based Google. His team oversees license compliance and supports the open-source developer community through programs such as the Google Summer of Code and through the release of open-source software projects and patches. He is an internationally known advocate of open-source software and related methodologies. More

Greg Elin

Greg ElinGreg Elin is the Federal Communication Commission's Chief Data Officer where his role is to turn data into an asset for daily use. As part of the agency's Data Innovation Initiative, he launched the FCC's first web service APIs and hosted the agency's first Open Developer Day in November 2010. Until recently he was at the Sunlight Foundation in various roles, including Chief Evangelist and creating the Sunlight Labs. More

Susan Swart

Susan SwartSusan Swart, a member of the Senior Foreign Service with the rank of Minister Counselor, was appointed as the Chief Information Officer for the Department of State in February 2008. As CIO, she is responsible for the Department’s information resources and technology initiatives and provides core information, knowledge management, and technology (IT) services to the Department of State and its 260 overseas missions. She is directly responsible for the Information Resource Management (IRM) Bureau's budget of $310 million, and oversees State’s total IT/ knowledge management budget of approximately one billion dollars. More

Dr. Linton Wells II

Dr. Linton Wells IIDr. Linton Wells II is the Director of the Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP) at National Defense University (NDU). He is also a Distinguished Research Professor and serves as the Transformation Chair. Prior to coming to NDU he served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) from 1991 to 2007, serving last as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration). In addition, he served as the Acting Assistant Secretary and DoD Chief Information Officer for nearly two years. Dr. Wells has written widely on security studies in English and Japanese journals. More

Ramesh Srinivasan

Ramesh SrinivasanRamesh Srinivasan, Professor at UCLA in Design and Media/Information Studies, leads projects focused on how new media technologies impact politics, economics and culture. He was recently in the New Yorker based on his response to Malcolm Gladwell's writings critiquing the power of social media in impacting revolutionary movements.

John Scott

John ScottJohn Scott is a Senior Systems Engineer and Open Technology Lead forRadiantBlue Technologies, Inc. with expertise in engineered systems and policies for acquiring and deploying new technologies in the US Government. John helped draft the U.S. Department of Defense policy for the use of open source software.

Mari Kuraishi

Mari KuraishiMari Kuraishi is President and co-founder of GlobalGiving, an online marketplace that connects people to their causes. She joined the World Bank in 1991 in managing some of the Bank's most innovative projects, including the first ever Innovation and Development Marketplaces.

Phil Ashlock

Phil AshlockAs the Open Government Program Manager for OpenPlans, Phil Ashlock helps to facilitate collaboration between cities and other government bodies on the development of open standards, open source software, and best practices. Much of Phil's work is embodied in a new initiative, Civic Commons, in collaboration with Code for America and D.C.'s Office of the CTO.

Sascha Meinrath

Sascha MeinrathSascha Meinrath is the Director of the New America Foundation's Open Technology Initiative and has been described as a "community Internet pioneer" and an "entrepreneurial visionary." He is a well-known expert on community wireless networks, municipal broadband, and telecommunications policy.

Eric Gundersen

Eric GundersenEric Gundersen is the president and co-founder of Development Seed where he leads open data projects and consults on data collection, visualization, and mapping for some of the largest international development organizations in the world. This spring he helped launch and, two open data sites focused on mapping data. His most recent work is around elections in Afghanistan.

Jeremy Epstein

Jeremy EpsteinJeremy Epstein is Senior Computer Scientist at SRI International in Arlington VA where he focuses on software assurance and voting system security. His primary assignment is supporting the Department of Homeland Security Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency Cyber Security Division, assisting with several programs including Homeland Open Security Technology (HOST).

Andrew Hoppin

Andrew HoppinAndrew Hoppin was the first ever Chief Information Officer for the New York State Senate from February 2009 through January 2011, with a mission to dramatically improve government transparency, citizen participation, and operational efficiency for the Senate through technology.  Within a year, the Senate's new online presence became widely acclaimed as one of the formost national examples of Gov 2.0 in practice.

Stuart Gill

Stuart GillStuart Gill is the lead of the new GFDRR Labs initiative. The mission of the GFDRR Labs is to use science and technology to inform decision making to reduce the vulnerability of the developing world to disasters in a changing climate.

Heather Blanchard

Heather BlanchardHeather Blanchard is a co-founder of CrisisCommons, a global network of volunteers who use creative problem solving and open technologies to help people and communities in times and places of crisis. Before the Commons, Heather spent seven years at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security where she encouraged public-private partnerships with owners and operators of information communication technologies on such issues as cyber-security, social media and crisis informatics.

Mark Prutsalis

Mark PrutsalisMark Prutsalis is the President and CEO of the Sahana Software Foundation, a non-profit organization that governs the free and open source Sahana disaster management software projects. He is also the Founder and President of Globaliist Inc., an emergency management and disaster response consulting company.

Carolyn Lawson

Carolyn LawsonAs Director, eServices for the State of California, Carolyn Lawson is a driving force behind the innovative use of emerging technologies and the re-purposing of legacy technologies throughout the state.  Recent projects include the award-winning redesign of the state's portal; and the development of, along with several inventive implementations of emerging tools throughout state government.

Jeffrey Warren

Jeffrey WarrenFounder of Grassroots Mapping and co-founder of Public Laboratory, Jeffrey Warren makes maps and citizen science tools at p.irateship in Somerville, MA, and is a research affiliate of MIT's Center for Future Civic Media. Jeff teaches with the Environmental Justice research group at the Rhode Island School of Design, and is the creator of Cartagen, an HTML5 vector mapping framework.

Luke Berndt

Luke BerndtLuke Berndt is a Program Manager in the Cyber Security Division at the Science & Technology (S&T) Directorate of DHS. He works on: Open Source security software, seeding the development of and improving the process for government adoption (HOST); improving the security of Internet routing (SPRI); and a testbed for cyber security research (DETER).

Darren Krape

Darren KrapeDarren Krape is a social media specialist, web designer and developer with a focus on new media for public diplomacy. More

Karl Fogel

Karl FogelKarl Fogel co-founded Cyclic Software in 1995, a company offering commercial CVS support. In 1999 he added support for CVS anonymous read-only repository access, inaugurating a new standard for access to development sources in open source projects. That same year, he wrote Open Source Development with CVS More

Alex B. Howard

Alexander B. HowardAlex B. Howard is the Government 2.0 Correspondent for O'Reilly Media. Before joining O'Reilly, Howard was the associate editor of at TechTarget. His work there focused on how regulations affect IT operations, including issues of data protection, privacy, security and enterprise IT strategy.

Richard Boly

Richard BolyRichard Boly is a career U.S. diplomat and currently the Director of the Office of eDiplomacy, an applied technology think tank for the United States Department of State. Previously, he was a National Security Affairs Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, where he launched the Global Entrepreneurship Program. More

Emma Antunes

Emma AntuesEmma Antunes spearheaded the development of Goddard's Spacebook, an internal Facebook-like application that enables NASA scientists, engineers and others to collaborate on projects. Her efforts in social networking have been held up as a model for government organizations. More

David Riley

David RileyDavid Riley is the CONNECT initiative lead for the Federal Health Architecture (FHA) Program in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONCHIT). In this role, he facilitates consensus across a group of 20+ federal agencies and numerous private sector organizations and states to enhance health information sharing on a nationwide basis. More

Deborah Estrin

Deborah EstrinDeborah Estrin is a Professor of Computer Science with a joint appointment in Electrical Engineering at UCLA. Estrin’s research focused on the design of network and routing protocols for very large, global, networks. More

Chris Holmes

Chris HolmesChris Holmes, President of OpenGeo, began his work in open source geospatial software when he joined the company in 2002. He served in this role until 2005, when he chose to pursue a Fulbright Scholarship in Zambia to examine the potential for Open Source Geospatial software to implement Spatial Data Infrastructures in developing countries. More

Sean Gorman

Sean GormanSean Gorman founded FortiusOne in 2005 to bring advanced geospatial technologies to market. With over 10 years of experience at the forefront of the geospatial revolution, Sean brings insight and innovation to GeoWeb and GIS solutions. Prior to FortiusOne, Sean served as VP of R&D for GeoTel and Director of Strategy for iXOL. More

Saad Khan

Saad KhanSaad Khan is a Partner at CMEA Capital and leads their digital media and Web efforts. This includes seed and early stage investments in crowdsourcing companies Pixazza, Blekko, and LiveOps as well as Jobvite and Evolution Robotics. Prior to CMEA, Saad was a Venture Partner at where he helped build Silicon Valley’s first startup incubator.

Gunnar Hellekson

Gunnar HelleksonGunnar Hellekson is the Chief Technology Strategist for Red Hat’s US Public Sector group, where he works with systems integrators and government agencies to encourage the use of open source software in government. More

Heather Burke

Heather BurkeHeather Burke is an Open Technology Development (OTD) lead at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), Systems Center Atlantic. She focuses on Open Source development methodologies that actively engage various open source communities and industry partners helping increase technology adoption and investment within both the open source and government communities. More

John Crowley

John CrowleyJohn Crowley, Research Fellow, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and STAR-TIDES, coordinates a community of developers who build solutions for big problems in humanitarian assistance and disaster response operations. One of those issues is how to create a bridge between governments, NGOs, and stressed populations using crowdsourcing and other forms of collective intelligence. More

Ryan Ozimek

Ryan OzimekRyan Ozimek is the co-founder and CEO of PICnet, Inc.  He also is President at Open Source Matters and serves on the steering committee at Non-Profit Open Source Initiative.  His focus is empowering organizations to “do good” using web technology. More

Follow: @cozimek

Jessica Seddon

Jessica WallackJessica Seddon leads the Centre for Development Finance and is a Professor at the Institute for Financial and Management Research in Chennai. Her research focuses on the ways in individuals' knowledge and beliefs interact with institutional pressures to create development politics and economics. More

Trebor Scholz

Trebor ScholzTrebor Scholz is a scholar, artist, conference organizer, and professor at The New School University in New York. He founded the Institute for Distributed Creativity that is known for its online discussions of critical network culture, specifically distributed politics, digital media art and learning. Trebor’s forthcoming monograph offers a history of the Social Web and its Orwellian economies. More

Walter Bender

Walter BenderWalter Bender is founder and executive director of Sugar Labs, a non-profit foundation. In 2006, he co-founded the One Laptop per Child. As director of the MIT Media Laboratory, Bender led a team of researchers in fields as varied as tangible media to affective computing to lifelong kindergarten. In 1992, he founded the MIT News in the Future consortium, which launched the era of digital news. More

James Bon Tempo

James Bon TempoJames Bon Tempo is a technology expert with 15 years’ experience in all aspects of the systems development life-cycle, including the management of human and material resources, quality assurance, architecture, implementation and evaluation. In his current role as Learning Technology Advisor for Jhpiego, Mr. BonTempo provides key technical and management support to international healthcare programming as well as support to Jhpiego's corporate IT infrastructure. More

Wayan Vota

Wayan VotaWayan Vota is a senior director at Inveneo, which has delivered ICT solutions to more than 1.6 million people in 700 communities across 23 countries around the world in a unique partnership with local IT entrepreneurs.  He was named a young international development leader by DevEx, the world's largest community of aid & development professionals.

Deborah Bryant

Deborah BryantDeborah Bryant is the Public Sector Communities Manager at OSU Open Source Lab.  She specializes in the adoption of open source software and methodologies in the public sector, including building the ecosystem to support its successful and sustainable use. More

Silona Bonewald

Silona Bonewald Silona is one of the founders of Citability and the League of Technical Voters and is a member of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation.  She specializes in Group Management, Quality Management and Leadership, Crisis Management and Recovery, Sales, Marketing and Event Planning. More

Ian Cairns

Ian Cairns Ian Cairns is a technology strategy consultant based in Washington, DC. He advises public and private sector organizations navigating the complexities of opening their data and adopting open source software. Through his work at Development Seed, he has helped U.S. federal government agencies, the World Bank, and UN agencies launch major online initiatives using open source software.

Heather LaGarde

Heather LaGarde Heather LaGarde is the Partnerships Advisor for IntraHealth International and oversees the IntraHealth OPEN initiative in partnership with Youssou N'Dour and other changemakers. Previously she ran major campaigns, partnerships and initiatives for global non-profits including War Child and Human Rights Watch. More

Follow: @heatherlagarde

Habib Haddad

Habib Haddad Habib Haddad is a tech entrepreneur, founder of, a startup focused on empowering the Arabic language on the web, and founder and CEO of YallaStartup, an organization focused on early stage entrepreneurship in the MENA region. Most recently he co-created AliveInEgypt, an effort to crowdsource transcriptions and translations of voice tweets coming from Egypt. More

Aneesh Chopra

Aneesh Chopra Aneesh Chopra CTO of the United States. In this role he serves as an Assistant to the President and Associate Director for Technology within the Office of Science & Technology Policy. He works to advance the President’s technology agenda by fostering new ideas and encouraging government-wide coordination to help the country meet its goals from job creation, to reducing health care costs, to protecting the homeland.

Katherine Maher

Katherine Maher Katherine Maher is an ICT Program Officer at National Democratic Institute. Her work specializes in technology-supported democratization, governance, and citizen participation. Prior to joining NDI, Katherine was a member of the UNICEF Innovation team, focusing on the roles of mobiles for health and service delivery. Her most recent work has focused on analyzing and addressing the challenges to communications in closed societies.

David Eaves

David Eaves A public policy entrepreneur, open government activist and negotiation expert David is retained by several governments to advise on open government and open data, works with two spin-offs of the Harvard Negotiation Project and advises businesses on open source strategies and community management.

Gwynne Kostin

David Eaves GSA Director at the Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement at the GSA where she works to make it easier for government to engage with citizens and citizens to engage with government through the development of cross agency tools, policies and services.

Todd Huffman

Todd Huffman Chief Scientist for Sofcoast, proponent and the driving force behind Sofcoast's efforts to embrace open source and creative openness.

Andrew McLaughlin

Andrew McLaughlin Served as Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. from 2009-10. As an advisor to President Obama, he worked on Internet and innovation policy, including open government, cybersecurity, online privacy and free speech, R&D, spectrum policy, and building open technology platforms in health care, energy, and education.

Aman Bhandari

No Photo AvailableWhite House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Matthew Burton, Consumer Protection Agency

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