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It’s E-Day. Tech on Election Day – From Systematic Observation to Citizen Reporting

It’s E-Day. Tech on Election Day – From Systematic Observation to Citizen Reporting


Ian Schuler (Moderator) - U.S. Department of StateBureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

Ian is a leading innovator in the use of technology to advance democracy and human rights.  Ian has assisted over 100 civil society organizations, political parties, and government institutions in more than 40 countries to utilize technology for political reform and citizen empowerment.

Ian manages Internet freedom programs for the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL).  The first State Department employee dedicated to Internet Freedom programming, Ian shepherded significant growth in State’s Internet freedom portfolio. His effort contributed to the development of a dynamic community of practitioners dedicated to open Internet and the exercise of rights online. Ian and his team currently manage more than $60 million in programs to advance Internet freedom.  Ian advises decisionmakers across the USG on programs and policies related to technology, democracy, and human rights.

In a decade serving at the National Democratic Institute (NDI), Ian was instrumental in building the field of technology for democracy. Ian was a founding member and manager of NDI’s ICT unit, where he presided over creative marriages of new technologies and tactics for political reform. His pioneering work on SMS messaging in election observation helped to earn NDI recognition as one of the Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics by Politics Online and the World e-Democracy Forum.

Ian has advised a variety of innovative social change organizations and campaigns. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and he tweets as @ianschuler.


Catie Bailard - George Washington UniversitySchool of Media and Public Affairs

Before joining the SMPA faculty in 2009, Catie received her doctorate in political science from UCLA.  While the majority of foundational political communication research focused on the television's impact on electoral outcomes in the United States, through her research, Catie seeks to broaden this field by focusing on political outcomes beyond the American borders and media technologies beyond television.

Catie's approach to research is multi-methodological, with a particular preference for merging cutting edge quantitative analyses with randomized field experiments.  In combination, these methods provide a robust and rigorous empirical foundation for studies of media effects.  Catie's primary research focus is the cross-national analysis of the Internet's influence on people’s evaluations and expectations of their governments, particularly focused on individuals’ satisfaction with how democracy functions in their own nations. Extensive quantitative analyses, as well as field experiments that she conducted in Tanzania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, substantiate the Internet's strong, conditional effect on democratic satisfaction (published in Journal of Communication and Journal of Information Technology and Politics). Other recent work includes an analysis of the impact of mobile phones on corruption in Africa (published in Political Communication).

Chris Holzen - International Republican Institute

Chris Holzen is currently a Senior Program Advisor for the Eurasia division at the International Republican Institute where he has worked in the field of democracy promotion since joining IRI in 1994. With the exception of one year in 1999 when he directed the office of the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) in Tbilisi, Georgia, Chris has been working in various countries as well as the Washington office of IRI, with most of his time as the country director of Ukraine. Chris has also served as the program officer for Ukraine, as well as Mongolia and Moldova. He served as the Deputy Director for IRI's Asia & Middle East Division (now separate division), IRI's country director in Iraq, the regional program director for IRI in Upper Egypt, and IRI Special Representative to the Mongolian Presidency of the Community of Democracies. Chris has served as an international election observer in over 15 countries and specializes in coalition building and organizing national youth movements and civic advocacy campaigns in authoritarian and semi-authoritarian regimes as well as traditional political party strengthening development.  Prior to his work with IRI, Chris was a campaign manager and field coordinator for the Tennessee, Ohio and New Jersey Republican Parties. Chris graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1991 with a degree in Political Science.


David Jandura - Creative Associates International

David Jandura is an elections specialist working with Creative Associates International's Electoral Education and Integrity Practice Area. Prior to Creative, he served as a Research Coordinator at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), where he worked on public opinion surveys, program evaluation, and technical leadership initiatives. David has also worked as a media consultant in Cairo, Egypt, and a Democratic Party campaign consultant in North Carolina. He holds a Master's degree in Democracy and Governance from Georgetown University and a B.A. in Political Science from North Carolina State University.

Richard Klein - National Democratic Institute

Richard L. Klein is a senior advisor for election processes. He has been with the Institute, in one capacity or another, since 1996. He currently focuses on supporting NDI’s programs around the world working with nonpartisan domestic monitoring organizations. In addition, he manages an initiative that seeks to establish an informal global network of nonpartisan domestic election observers as well as to formulate international principles for such groups. Mr. Klein is among the small, but growing, cohort who provides technical advice (organizational and statistical) to nonpartisan domestic election monitors on conducting a parallel vote tabulation (PVT aka “quick count”). He co-authored “Building Confidence in the Voter Registration Process,” which is NDI’s official guide to observing the voter registration process for nonpartisan domestic election monitors and political parties.

Mr. Klein took a leave from NDI in 2005 to complete an MSc in development management at the London School of Economics where his thesis focused on the growing connection between Africa and China, and its implications for growth in Sub-Saharan African given likely greater future dependence upon natural resources. He earned his B.A. in political science from Michigan State University.

Previous to NDI, Mr. Klein conducted political surveys in the United States. He is functional in Swahili.


Nathanial Manning - U.S. Agency for International Development

Nathaniel’s work orbits around the theme of developing technology that makes the world a better place.

He is currently a Presidential Innovation Fellow, working with Todd Park – the Chief Technology Officer of the USA, where my role is specifically the Special Advisor on Open Data and Innovation to USAID. It is thrilling, to say the least. I work between the White House and USAID to develop tools and strategies for liberating data to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation for global development.

Manning is on leave from his position as the Director of Business Development and Strategy at Ushahidi, a nonprofit tech company from Kenya that specializes in developing free and open source software for information collection, visualization, and interactive mapping.

He is also the Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of 9th Sense Robotics. Manning also sits on the World Economic Forum's Personal Data Tiger Team and is an alumnus of Singularity University.

He has been an advisor to Runa Tea, a USA-Ecuadorian social enterprise. He also co-founded a web-video platform called Previously, Manning was a financial associate for the Clean Energy team at the Clinton Climate Initiative, living in Bangkok and Melbourne and working throughout emerging markets. He has run his own energy and design consulting group.

Manning holds a BA in Religious Studies and an MA in Environmental Science with a focus on international development and carbon finance from Brown University.

Follow him on Twitter at @natpmanning.



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