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Turning Information into Insight - Panelist Bios & Photos



Turning Information into Insight


Jaime Fitzgerald (Moderator) – Fitzgerald Analytics.

The Founder and President of Fitzgerald Analytics, Jaime has developed a distinctively quantitative, fact-based, and transparent approach to solving high stakes problems and improving results.  His approach enables translation of Data to Dollars™ using methodologies clients can repeat again and again.  He is equally passionate about the “human side of the equation,” and is known for his ability to link the human and the quantitative, both of which are needed to achieve optimal results.  More . . .


Jonathan CousinsCousins & Sears Creative Technologists.

Jonathan Cousins is a NYC-based designer, programmer and entrepreneur specializing in the creation of information visualizations, large-screen computational art, creative digital workflows, and general software applications for mobile and web platforms. He has most recently begun developing visualiziations and experimental interfaces in the world of unmanned avionics, specifically for flight control and telemetry information flows. More. . .


Greg ElinFCC

Greg Elin is the Federal Communication Commission's Chief Data Officer where his role is to turn data into an asset for daily use. As part of the agency's Data Innovation Initiative, he launched the FCC's first web service APIs and hosted the agency's first Open Developer Day in November 2010.  Previous to the FCC, he worked with United Cerebral Palsy as their Chief Technology Officer exploring the opportunities of a technology-fueled future for extreme users; was at the Sunlight Foundation in various roles, including Chief Evangelist and creating the Sunlight Labs; created Fotonotes, an open source Web-based image annotation tool that has been widely adopted and copied and led to a consultancy with Naval Research Laboratory.  More . . .


Laila Shereen SakrR-Shief.

Laila Shereen Sakr is a media artist and critic known as VJ Um Amel. She is the creator of R-Shief, a digital lab that aggregates and analyzes data in real-time from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Focused on the Arab world, her works maps the Arab Spring through semantic analysis of social media feeds in Arabic, French, and English. Her data visualizations have also been shown at the “interACTIVATE” exhibition at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. As a poet, she is published as Laila Shereen. More  . . .


Jonathan GosierMetalayer.

Jonathan Gosier is a designer, software developer, lover of data science and the co-founder of metaLayer which creates apps that enable users to contextualize the mobile and social web.  From 2009 to 2011 he served as Director of Product for SwiftRiver at Ushahidi working on an open-source platform for drowing insight from real-time content. The SwiftRiver project was awarded the 2011 Knight News Challenge award for its potential to improve the data journalism and news gathering process.  More . . .



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