Technology Empowering U.S. Diplomacy and Development

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7:45-8:30    Registration, Light Breakfast, Networking

8:30-8:35    Welcome (Loy Henderson Auditorium)

8:35-8:45    OSS at State
Susan Swart, CIO, U.S. Department of State

8:50-9:55    What We're Doing With Open Source or Where Government 'Gets it'

Aneesh Chopra, CTO of the United States
Macon Phillips, White House New Media Director
Todd Park, CTO at HHS

10:00-10:15   OSFA report on open source study, by Gunnar Hellekson

10:20-10:25   Lightning session by Andrew McLaughlin, Civic Commons

10:30-11:05    How We Got Here: Industry and Open Source Software

Jeremy Allison, creator of Samba
Chris DiBona, Open Source and Public Sector Programs Manager at Google
Darren Krape, moderator, State Dept.

11:10-11:20     Break

11:20-11:25    Lightning session by David Eaves, Code for America

11:30-12:30    Open Source: What Not To Fear or Zen and the Art of Open Source

Greg Elin, Chief Data Architect at FCC
Lin Wells, Dir.of Center for Technology and National Security Policy at NDU
Deb Bryant, Public Sector Communities Manager at OSU Open Source Lab
Alex Howard, moderator, O'Reilly Media

12:30-1:30    Lunch 


Open Communications: The Changing Media Landscape (Loy Henderson Auditorium)
    Saad Khan, seed investor at CMEA Capital
    Katherine Maher,  ICT Program Officer at National Democratic Institute
    Habib Haddad, founder YallaStartup, Yamli, co-creator Alive in Egypt

Open Source and Mapping Data: Geospatial Applications (1107)
    Sean Gorman, FortiusOne
    Chris Holmes, OpenGeo
    Jeff Warren, Grassroots Mapping
    Eric Gunderson, Development Seed

Open Course: How Open Source Has Changed Education (1205)
    Walter Bender, SugarLabs
    James Bon Tempo, Jhpiego/FrontlineSMS:Learn
    R. Trebor Scholz, The New School, NYC
    Silona Bonewald, open source evangelist

Open Cities and Open States (1207)
    Phil Ashlock, Open Plans
    Andrew Hoppin, NY State Senate
    David Eaves, open government activist
    Carolyn Lawson, Deputy Director, Technology Services Governance Division, State of CA

Open Architectures for Health (1105)
    David Riley, Federal Health Architecture at HHS
    Heather La Garde, IntraHealth Consortium
    Deb Estrin, mHealth, UCLA
    Aman Bhandari, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy


Open Source vs Government Culture: Creating Change (Loy Henderson Auditorium)
    Richard Boly, State Dept.
    Emma Antunes, NASA
    Lisa Wolfisch, GSA
    Matthew Burton, Dept. of Treasury
    Gwynne Kostin, GSA (invited)
An Open Model for Social Change: Changing philosophies about development and aid (1107)
    Stuart Gill, World Bank
    Todd Huffman, Chief Scientist for Sofcoast
    Wayan Vota, Inveneo
    Mari Kuraishi, Global Giving
Open Source Software: Enabling National Security (1105)
    John Scott, RadiantBlue Technologies & OSFA: MIL_OSS
    Jeremy Epstein, SRI International
    Gunnar Hellekson, RedHat & OSFA
    Heather Burke, U.S. Navy
    Luke Berndt, Dept. of Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency

Open Source To The Rescue: Disaster Response & Humanitarian Assistance (1205)
    Heather Blanchard, CrisisCommons
    John Crowley, NDU/Camp Roberts Exercises
    Mark Prutsalis, Sahana Software Foundation
    Ryan Ozimek, PicNET/

 Open Standards: Design by Community (1207)
    Sascha Meinrath, Open Technology Initiative, New America Foundation
    Jessica Seddon Wallack, Director, Center for Development Finance
    Ramesh Srinivasan, UCLA , Prof. of Information Studies - Community Developed Standards
    Ian Cairns, Development Seed



Feb. 12 will be the unconference at the National Democratic Institute. This will be your chance to address topics the first day did not and for the attendees to share their expertise in a self-organized event. Details and signup are at

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