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The Mobile Frontier: Mobile Money Afghanistan

On Thursday, February 24th, frog design will host The Mobile Frontier, a discussion of the future of mobile money with Jan Chipchase, Executive… Continue

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Change in the Middle East and Social Media

[this is an adaptation of my blog post at but more focused on tech@state]


There has been a lot of talk about the so-called “Facebook revolutions” in the middle east. It’s created an interesting phenomenon: tension of social media and traditional…


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Next Topic Suggestions: Who, What, Where

We're working on our next Tech@State event and are entertaining topic/speaker ideas. We're having internal discussions, but we also wanted to throw it open to any and all of you to offer your suggestions. Given the mission of bringing technology to diplomacy and development, and convening the right people to create new collaborations, what should we cover next? Who should we have speak? And where should we hold the event? There may be an excellent package of people/ideas/venue that could make… Continue

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Serious Games


Civil Society 2.0…


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Link Summary for Open Source event Feb. 11

This post is the central repository for links to developing content on Tech@State: Open Source on Feb. 11. We'll have a variety of updates, but this one link will contain links to all the new posts, so you can always refer here for the latest.


Speaker bios…


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tentative schedule for open source event

If you've come here from an old link to the tentative schedule for our Feb. 11 Open Source event, try here instead:

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Open Systems and Open Government

Open systems and open government appear to be mutually inclusive. An ethos. That was the clear takeaway from the Tech@State open source conference. It's more than leveraging open source technology to enable open government. It's about a major shift towards openess in government and in software development. I believe that the software industry is in a transition towards…


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How Developing Countries are Leapfrogging Developed Countries in Government Transparency

Transparency is an opportunity for developing countries for governance ”leapfrog.” Government leaders in developing countries recognize the impact of good governance for economic development and prosperity. This was the subject of my unconference session at Tech@State on Saturday. Unfortunately, the projector didn't want to behave. So, I wasn't able to show some slides from two recent presentations. You can see the presentations…


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New Humanities Jobs for the Digital Age

Response to what I overheard at the tech@state Un-conference on Open Source and Civil Society


New Humanities Jobs for the Digital Age

Digital Cultural Anthropologist

Understanding culture is the main factor for success. Open Space "geeks" have a unique culture and so do each and…


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Will mobile money really bank the unbanked?

Wherever mobile money touches down–whether in the Philippines, Kenya, or Haiti–it is touted as the next big thing in development. M-PESA in Kenya was lauded as a success because it provided financial services to thousands of poor, previously unbanked people. Mobile money has arrived in Haiti with the same…


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Al Pascual

Al is a senior software developer at Esri.


Al Pascual was born, bred and educated in Barcelona Spain,. He moved to England as a young lad to work as a developer in start-ups in the technology field. After seven years working in many small companies, Al moved to California with dreams of stock options to work for another start-up and enjoyed the world of low-level C and C++. After spending a few years working as a consultant, when .NET came out, Al helped companies be more…


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OpenStreetMap Editor

Presenting the OpenStreetMap Editor ArcMap Tools to be able to contribute in the big map using GIS.

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agenda for Open Source event Feb. 11-12

Register here

7:45-8:30    Registration, Light Breakfast, Networking

8:30-8:35    Welcome (Loy Henderson Auditorium)

8:35-8:45    OSS at State

Susan Swart, CIO, U.S. Department of State

8:50-9:55    What We're Doing With Open Source or Where Government 'Gets it'

Aneesh Chopra, CTO of the United States

Macon Phillips, White House New…


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These are some of the great speakers that will be at the upcoming Tech@State : Open Source.

Macon Phillips

Macon Phillips Macon Phillips is responsible for translating Obama’s promises of increased transparency and openness to the Internet. As the White House new media director, Phillips oversees the White House social media outreach and its web site, which uses open-source software.…


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Pre-Conference Twitter Networking for Tech@State: Open Source Event - 2/11

(Note: this is a cross-post from the Tech@State LinkedIn page, for users who are not members of both communities.)

With the Tech@State: Open Source event a little over a week away, I thought this would be a great time to start making connections between attendees and to share ideas that can be explored further at the conference.

If you'd like to participate, post (1) your Twitter handle (if available) and (2) a…


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Resisting the devil: using mobile money in Haiti

IMTFI researchers Dr. Baptiste, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Horst continue reporting on its rollout in light of their 2010 report on domestic remittances findings. Read their most recent blog entry Espelencia Baptiste:…


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